Vecxis™ is an open source FPS with the aim of creating a large and diverse community of players, united under one roof.

Why we need this project:

It's been seven long years since the last open source release of Nexuiz. With all that time, much of the community is still very fond of what has become their favorite game. However, without the ability of this passionate and capable community to maintain and update it, it is rapidly declining due to its age and the death of the master server.

The great umbrella:

One of the largest problems for open source gaming today is talent scattered across projects that have both underlying technical incompatibilities, and a shortage of quality content. This has been a continued cause of failure in the open gaming world. The Vecxis Project strives to avoid these same pitfalls by encouraging modding, providing tools, access to resources, and places to collaborate. It is my hope that by accomplishing these goals, Vecxis will be a game of choice for a new and inspired generation of hardcore gamers.


Even after the release of Vecxis, there's still much to be done. For those interested in contributing, please check out the Vecxis group project over at GameBuf, and feel free to contact us on the forums.

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